Sebastian Lombardo, CEO - Chairman of the Board

Sebastian Lombardo

CEO - Chairman of the Board

Welcome to Valtech,

Since 1993, Valtech has consistently focused on business transformation by continually revolutionizing how our clients connect with their consumers. We transcend the digital divide by optimizing business-critical platforms, inventing new hardware and orchestrating omni-channel customer journeys. We are engineers, programmers, UX designers, marketers and innovators spanning 5 continents with 30+ offices throughout 13 different countries (Argentina, Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA). 

While our expertise is in technology, marketing and experience design, our passion is in addressing transformational business challenges for our clients. With a strong belief that differentiation comes from orchestrating seamless experiences around the customer, we close this gap by redesigning the customer journey and implementing the right, fully connected solution.

Ever since we assumed leadership of Valtech in March 2010, our vision and goals have been to create this type of next-generation, cutting-edge digital agency. 

Drawing from our expertise and vision, our teams create memorable digital experiences for our clients; fully connected with relevant content that engages customers and sustains conversations with brands. In simple words, we build the platforms that allow our customers to do marketing and commerce at the digital age.

As the market consolidates, Valtech’s strong international presence and reputable client portfolio, along with its long-term market vision make our company one of the most unique worldwide players. We continue to push the boundaries and engineer seamless experiences for our clientele.  

We invite you to join Valtech on our exciting journey into the future, be a part of our vision and share in our success. Valtech. Where Experiences are Engineered.

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Studie: Warum digitale Projekte in Unternehmen scheitern

Jedes dritte Digitalisierungsprojekt in großen Unternehmen blieb 2018 auf halber Strecke stecken. Das ist ein Ergebnis der aktuellen Studie von Lünendonk & Hossenfelder „Der Markt für Customer Experience Services“, die von der Digitalagentur und IT-Beratung Valtech mit in Auftrag gegeben wurde. Für die Studie hat das Institut mehr als 100 Großunternehmen sowie knapp 20 Anbieter von Customer Experience Services befragt.

Valtech will Mädchen mit „Tech Girl“ für Coding begeistern

  • Digitalagentur startet neue Initiative in Deutschland
  • Projektleiterin Inga Chaban: „Wir wollen das Interesse an IT-Themen und Programmierung bei Mädchen wecken“
  • Erste Kooperation mit Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Düsseldorf
  • Nachfrage übertrifft Erwartungen