Any technology is just a tool for solving real world problems.

Any technology is just a tool for solving real world problems.

Vinay, Consultant

What’s your name, where do you come from, what is your profession and where had you which education?

I am Vinay Kurdimutt Maheswaraiah and I come from Bangalore, India. I am a software developer. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering stream.

What will you work on at Valtech?

I am working as an AEM Developer here at Valtech.

What career aspiration did you have while your childhood? Which was your „dream job“?

As a child I had dreamt of becoming a fighter plane pilot. But, as I grew I realised that I was nearly weightless and the fighter planes might fly away into deep space, so I chose a career that holds me back on ground (Logic: Sitting in front of computers would weaken the eyes and force me to wear spectacles, this would add up some weight and will ensure that I don’t fly). And that’s how I chose to become a software developer!

What are your most visited websites/blogs?

I visit random sites, which mostly are LinkedIn and others related to technology like TechRepublic, etc. I do visit technology forums and try to solve issues reported by members.

From your point of view: which is your biggest professional talent?

I think I am good at analysing things and providing solutions irrespective of technology because I strongly believe in – „Any technology/language framework… is just a tool for solving real world problems“.

How went your familiarisation phase at Valtech?

Very well, as I got to know a lot more about Valtech.

Which is your favourite aspect of your job?

What I like more about my job is not only do I get a chance to dream oft he future but also get to build it.

What did you before? Which was your field of action there?

I was a software developer before joining Valtech too and was doing almost same sort of work.

Which was the crucial aspect of your decision to join Valtech?

As I had worked with Valtech Germany couple of times earlier on a shorter contracts, I was familiar with people and culture here, also, I was impressed with the kind of work they do here. This made me to choose Valtech over other organisations.

What do you expect from work at Valtech?

Challenging work that would help me grow my technical skills along with lot of fun.

What do you in your sparetime? Any hobbies or passions?

I prefer sleeping when I get sparetime and thats my favorite hobby.

What do you expect from work at Valtech?