I like to make things work.

I like to make things work.

Inga, IT-Consultant/Java-Software Developer

What’s your name, where do you come from, what is your profession and where had you which education?

I’m Inga, originally from Ukraine and living in Germany for the last 5 years.

Master Degree in Information Technologies, RWTH Aachen University.

Bachelor, Diploma in Computer Science, Odessa Polytechnic University.

What will you work on at Valtech?

After the Trainee-Program I have already worked within the AEM-Team, on one cool Audi Project and currently building a nice duty free shop using Hybris-Framework. That all of course as a backend Java Developer…

What career aspiration did you have while your childhood? Which was your „dream job“?

Archaeologist. And than singer, actress, musician, physicists….

From your point of view: which is your biggest professional talent?

My point of view will be subjective. Ask a few of my colleagues – they will tell you everything…

How was your familiarisation phase at Valtech?

Great! It was very smooth familiarization thanks to Trainee-Program. But even after it on each project I felt a great team support. Colleagues are very helpful and friendly.

Which is your favorite aspect of your job?

I like to make things work. Also the thought that I’m part of the development team that produces quality and cool software always moves me forward.

What did you before? Which was your field of action there?

In the last 3,5 years before Valtech I was working half-time in the IT-Security field.

I was mainly doing QA-Automation and Production Automation.

Which was the crucial aspect of your decision to join Valtech?

Friend’s recommendation. And of course the Trainee-Program.

What do you in your sparetime? Any hobbies or passions?

In summer time – jogging, cycling, table tennis. Winter time – skiing.

From time to time I also annoy my neighbors by playing violin.

ast but not least – travelling. This heart of mine was made to travel the world.