• Build better products faster…

    As a company, you want to deliver value to your end users and your business. New ways of working like Agile, Lean and Scrum help organisations to deliver products to the market very efficiently. Companies have perfected this process over the last couple of years and can now build products that are excellent from a development and design point of view. But what if end users don’t use your product?

  • A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Retail VR

    Don’t panic. Not yet. There's still time… but don't ignore the facts: Bundling VR headsets with smartphones is making headway, and VR is becoming highly accessible. VR is in its first billion-dollar investment year as we look at the first two months of 2016. VR has already become a powerful tool in the gaming, aerospace and medical industry, but is ready to make headway in many more industries.

  • Valtech IBC 2016 Recap

    IBC 2016 delivered an innovative and caffeinated atmosphere - complete, of course, with acronym-packed conversations between media techies from around the world.

  • My NHS – the Product Owner’s View

    My NHS – the Product Owner’s View

    We have recently written extensively about the recent 2-week open data project with My NHS, through which we opened the client’s eyes to the power of data science and Agile techniques, and demonstrated the potential of this vital NHS service for powerful, meaningful insight and better decision-making. The My NHS team having set up camp at Valtech’s London offices, we had the opportunity to speak with their Product Owner, Julie Fidler. Here’s what she had to say about working with us during an interview with our Healthcare Director, Jack Fitzgerald…

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