• Function Over Fiction: True Product Immersion and Interaction in VR

    Function Over Fiction: True Product Immersion and Interaction in VR

    Virtual reality used to be pigeonholed as the stuff of fiction and relegated to the gaming world or science fiction movies. With the rapid-fire pace at which VR technology is evolving, it’s becoming glaringly clear that its use and consumption are becoming more mainstream. Indeed, VR is shifting away from fiction—and becoming a functional means to entice, entertain and engage people in their day-to-day lives.

  • 5 trends in content marketing for 2017

    The year 2016 was a big one for content marketing: 360⁰ video and virtual reality truly took off, Facebook became established as a major profitable player in content consumption and sharing, and more. As a result, today, almost 65% of marketers consider content marketing a direct route to success, and 76% hope to invest a lot more in it this year. To kick off 2017, here are five major trends to watch.

  • Why Killing Dinosaurs Can Help You Become a Thought Leader

    Recently I attended ‘Internet in focus’, a two-day event focusing on web and digital marketing. The theme for this year's edition was new trends, and how today’s consumption patterns are changing the demands on our companies’ technology, usability and content. Much of it might not be news (seems like Darwin had it figured out 200 years ago), but at least it helped confirm why digitalization is crucial for companies to survive in today's society.

  • Engineering Experiences for the Future Traveler: FTE 2016

    Valtech had the pleasure of exhibiting at the Future Travel Experience Global event in Las Vegas this year. The event drew attendees and presenters from all over the travel industry, including airlines, airports, hotels, government’s agencies, as well as industry and technology partners like Uber. FTE Global provided a forum to learn the latest plans and visions from the most progressive companies in the travel industry.

  • Build better products faster…

    Build better products faster…

    As a company, you want to deliver value to your end users and your business. New ways of working like Agile, Lean and Scrum help organisations to deliver products to the market very efficiently. Companies have perfected this process over the last couple of years and can now build products that are excellent from a development and design point of view. But what if end users don’t use your product?

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