My NHS – the Product Owner’s View

My NHS – the Product Owner’s View

We have recently written extensively about the recent 2-week open data project with My NHS, through which we opened the client’s eyes to the power of data science and Agile techniques, and demonstrated the potential of this vital NHS service for powerful, meaningful insight and better decision-making. The My NHS team having set up camp at Valtech’s London offices, we had the opportunity to speak with their Product Owner, Julie Fidler. Here’s what she had to say about working with us during an interview with our Healthcare Director, Jack Fitzgerald…

Jack: Julie could you please introduce yourself?

Julie: I’m Julie Fidler, Product Owner and Project Lead for myNHS. My NHS is a website, and we are part of NHS digital, a wider organisation that’s responsible for digital technology and data within the Health and Care profession.

Jack: Great, so you said my NHS is a website, what is it there to do?

Julie: Currently it’s a site that fits with the overall agenda for this government around transparency of data and information, and the purpose at present is focussed at professionals to foster a culture of learning within the NHS. So by doing some comparative data presentation, organisations can learn from that and do some comparisons between their peers and on a national level.